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What's New?

1/27/2002: A double-header this time; first, Chapter Twelve of "Lands-End." Free at last--but at what cost? And second, Volume 17 of "The Blackfur Chronicles;" the long-awaited conclusion of Ehm'tassaa's lunch with Sah'rahfel--and others. Enjoy! 

1/20/2002: Posted Chapter Eleven of "Lands-End." A mysterious device is unveiled--what can it be? Enjoy! 

1/13/2002: Well, I was a bit under the weather this week, but I managed to drag myself out of my sick-bed to post this update. Don't you feel special? This time I've posted Chapter Ten of "Lands-End." The truth begins to surface--what have the amphibians been doing to their normal-human minority?

1/6/2002: My first post of the new year--and may 2002 turn out better for all of us than 2001. It's hard to imagine how it could be much worse...**shudder**. At any rate, having returned to my usual schedule, this update includes Chapter Nine of "Lands-End." Ehm'rael abducted--and she might not be getting out of this by her wits alone...Enjoy!

12/30/2001: HAPPY GNU YEAR! To start 2002 (oooh, I love palindrome numbers!) off right, I've once again posted TWO chapters of "Lands-End." For poor Ehm'rael, though, things seem to be going from bad to worse...Enjoy!

12/23/2001: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! As a special Yuletide treat, this update contains Chapters Five and Six of "Lands-End," PLUS the long-awaited "Blackfur Chronicle" Number 16! After this post, the "Chronicles" will be returning to its normal schedule, so look for the next on or about February 1, 2001. Enjoy!

12/16/2001: Posted Chapter Four of "Lands-End." Fraternizing with the enemy, eh, Ehm'rael?

12/8/2001: A little early, but I might not have another chance this weekend. With this update I begin to serialize my second Alliance novel, "Lands-End." This book takes place exactly 30 years before "The Chosen Few," and the protagonist is not Ehm'ayla, but rather her lifelong friend and mentor, Ehm'rael. The action begins as the young engineer arrives at the ocean planet Lands-End, for what she believes will be a quick, by-the-numbers job. As a special bonus, this upload includes the first three chapters; henceforth I will present one chapter a week. Enjoy!

Late addition: a new Link, to "Wild Magic," a "Lunar"-based fanfic and art site.

12/3/2001: Posted Chapter Thirty-Three and the Epilogue of "The Chosen Few," thus completing the novel. Next week at this time I will begin serializing my second book, "Lands-End." Also: my sincere thanks to everyone who has dropped a coin or two into my Donation can. And if you haven't yet, it's easy, it's fun, and it does wonders for your self-esteem! (Not to mention mine.)

11/29/2001: Okay. I'm not sure how well this is going to work; but basically speaking, I have nothing to lose. I've added a Paypoint donation button to the lower half of my home page. If you like my writing, and would like to see it stay on the WWW, please consider sending a few coins my way. I can't promise to be your best friend, but I will indeed be extremely grateful.

11/25/2001: Posted Chapters Thirty-One and Thirty-Two of "The Chosen Few." Back to Hellhole--and strange things begin to happen...

11/19/2001: Posted Chapters Twenty-Nine and Thirty of "The Chosen Few." The truth surfaces at last--and Ehm'ayla receives some bad news...

11/12/2001: Posted Chapters Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight of "The Chosen Few." The truth surfaces--and Joel shows that he can be a mensch after all.

11/4/2001: Posted Chapters Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six of "The Chosen Few." Ehm'ayla on trial!

10/29/2001: Oops--a little late on this update. Did you miss me? O.O Anyway: posted Chapters Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four of "The Chosen Few." Rescued at last--but the complications in Ehm'ayla's life continue to mount. Also, see a special note near the top of the Blackfur Chronicles page.

10/26/2001: Rearranged the buttons on the home page, to (hopefully) make things a little easier to find.

10/21/2001: Posted Chapters Twenty-One and Twenty-Two of "The Chosen Few." Life on Hellhole--hmm, somehow that sounds rather familiar...

10/14/2001: Posted Chapters Nineteen and Twenty of "The Chosen Few." Poor Ayla--will no one save her from a fate worse than death? Need you ask?

10/8/2001: Posted Chapters Seventeen and Eighteen of "The Chosen Few." I should probably let you know that some readers have had strong reactions--including, I kid you not, nightmares--after reading Chapter 17. You have been warned...

10/1/2001: Posted Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen of "The Chosen Few." We're halfway there!

9/27/2001: Posted the next installment of "The Blackfur Chronicles." Enjoy!

9/24/2001: Posted Chapters Thirteen and Fourteen of "The Chosen Few." The thick is plottening!

9/17/2001: I debated with myself for several days before making this week's post; but finally (obviously) I decided to go ahead. I don't agree with President George W. Bush very often (I don't even agree that he's actually the President, but that's another story), but in this case I do. The best thing we as citizens of the United States can do is to try, in as much as is possible, to resume our normal lives. That is the most effective way to deliver a slap in the face to terrorism: by showing that it simply doesn't work; or, more accurately, that it has the opposite effect: rather than crushing us, it makes us stronger; it reminds us of who we are and what we stand for. So you may consider this posting to my site a small contribution to normalcy and continuity.

...And before I forget, what I posted was Chapters Eleven and Twelve of "The Chosen Few." Enjoy!

9/10/2001: Posted Chapters Nine and Ten of "The Chosen Few." Er--Comments? Please?

9/3/2001: Posted Chapters Seven and Eight of "The Chosen Few."

8/29/2001: Another "Blackfur Chronicle"--and the very first new one to be posted on! Hopefully this should dispel any lingering doubts that the Embassy is back, and back to stay. Enjoy!

8/26/2001: Posted Chapters Five and Six of "The Chosen Few."

8/22/2001: Okay, it's a little early, but I got tired of waiting. With this update, I begin to serialize my four (so far) Sah'aaran/Alliance Novels. I'm starting with "The Chosen Few," the earliest, but in the opinion of some, still the best. This time I've posted the Prologue and the first four chapters; hereafter I will post two chapters a week. I hope to have them available on Monday mornings (Pacific time zone) at the latest. After I've finished with "Chosen Few," I will move on to "Lands-End" and the rest. Those I will post at a rate of one chapter a week.

Why am I doing this, when previously I offered the novels for sale? The reason is fairly simple. While I did indeed sell a certain number of copies of each story (more, I suspect, than many people might believe), I knew from the start that I wasn't going to get rich doing so, and I didn't--though in fact I made more than I'd originally expected. But some recent events caused me to re-think what I want to accomplish with my Alliance stories, and I realized that the entire pay-for-download enterprise was limiting my potential audience. Many people don't like to order things over the Net, for one reason or another; others don't have credit cards; and still others couldn't see their way clear to paying for content. (Or at very least, paying for my content.) I have to believe that at least some of those people would, if given the chance, read and enjoy my novels. And that, when it comes right down to it, is far more important to me than the small amount of money I was collecting: that my work be appreciated by the greatest possible number of readers. Those of you who might have been hesitating to read my novels, I hope this will give you the opportunity, and I very much hope you enjoy them. I think you will.

8/10/2001: After a few minor difficulties and a change of ISP's, The Sah'aaran Embassy is BACK--and we now have our own domain name! Barring any more dot-com failures, this will be our PERMANENT home. Thank you very much for your patience and support, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy my short stories, novels and other features. And if you spot any broken links, please do let me know.