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Short Stories

"The Failed Interval" Commodore Ehm'ayla says of this piece: "As with most mythology and folklore, it is impossible to determine--and ultimately pointless to wonder--to what extent the following tale represents actual, physical reality; i.e., whether the events depicted actually happened, or the persons involved truly lived. But "real" or not, the story does offer a fascinating glimpse into the early days of the Goddess faith, and provides a tantalizing notion of how that religion managed to spread, with such astounding rapidity, across the face of Sah'aar." Rated G; no objectionable material.

"Food Source" A creepy little tale, appropriate perhaps for the 31st of October, notwithstanding the fact that it was written in February. What happens when a human and a Sah'aaran are stranded together on a barren world--and the food begins to run out? Rated PG for mild violence and non-explicit sexual content.

"The Hunters" The owner of a Sah'aaran hunting park accepts a commission from a flamboyant Terran big-game hunter. But is a brush-demon really what he's after? Rated PG for mild violence.

"Life Lesson" This one is a bit of a curiosity, being both a sequel of sorts to "The Hunters" and a companion-piece to my novel "The Darkness Beneath." But I think it's sufficiently entertaining to stand on its own. Let me know! Rated PG for mild violence.

"The Deal: A Vignette" Another minor curiosity. It's not so much a story as a character exercise, which began life as a deadly-dull essay on the subject, "What happened to Ehm'ayla between 'Chosen Few' and 'Darkness Beneath'?" Not a great deal of plot--but hopefully enough information to be interesting, especially for those who have read those two novels. Rated G; nothing objectionable whatsoever.

"From An Antique Land" A Combined Forces Security investigator finds himself aboard a Survey vessel with a very strange--and possibly hazardous--cargo. Will it reach its destination--and does he really want it to? This novella guest-stars a minor character from my novel "The Darkness Beneath," and features a supporting-cast member from "The Raven's Shadow." Rated PG for no readily-explicable reason.