Do... the sun-washed sidewalks of First-Summer scorch your soles?

Do... thorns, rocks and gravel savage your toes?

Do...  you find yourself peering longingly into the windows of Terran shoestores?

ThenPawprints(TM) Brand Adhesive Footpad protectors may be for you!

What makes Pawprints(TM) so different? They're super-tough, with crosslinked polymer construction that even the sharpest chunk of obsidian can't penetrate, yet micro-thin, giving you unbeatable protection without loss of sensitivity. No stumbling or stubbed toes with Pawprints(TM)!

They're crystal-clear--even your bond-mate won't know you're a "tenderfoot"--and our patented Miracle Adhesive stays put until you want to remove it. (Peel-Away(TM) spray-on adhesive softener available separately.) In sizes for kits to adults, or trim-to-fit. Available throughout Sah'salaan Continent, wherever fine pharmaceuticals are sold.

Pawprints(TM)...because being digitigrade shouldn't have to hurt.