Please note: I reserve the right to be whimsical in describing the sites I link to.

My Top Favorites (and those to whom I owe a lot):

Freighter Tails Drawn (and 3D rendered) by my good friend and most-trusted advisor Mr. Bill Redfern (who is also responsible for much of the artwork on this site) and written (mostly) by myself, the all-new "Freighter Tails" is (if I do say so myself) one of the most unique and best-looking online comics going. After a long hiatus, we're back, and better than ever.

Freefall Outside of "Freighter Tails" <grin> this is my favorite online comic, bar none. It's excellent in black and white, but (IMHO) even better in color.

Nukees  Another excellent online comic. The artist-writer, Mr. Darren Bleuel, has kindly provided me with a wealth of technical details, helping me to greatly improve the scientific accuracy of the first two chapters of "Lands-End." So if anything is still wrong, blame him, not me! (Kidding!) Thanks, Darren--I'm afraid this will have to do, in lieu of the autographed copy.

One Clown Short Yet another of my favorite Web comics, written and drawn by Frauke Nonnenmacher. Consistently funny, with an appealing simplicity and the zaniest cast of "space cases" this side of Freighter Tails' PCV Pharsicle.

Alqua Kalina Doodles & Dreams The home page of my most "contrarian" advisor, the one I can absolutely count on to spot those little weaknesses that I'd hoped would slip through unnoticed. "Alqua" (kudos if you know the derivation of his "handle") has also contributed several pieces of Fan Art to the Embassy, and threatens to do more, unless forcibly prevented. He is also the author of the one-and-only (so far) piece of Alliance fanfic, based partly on my universe and partly on some ideas of his own.

Saia Kferr's Game and Fiction Page This is the page of my good friend and valued advisor, Mr. Ed Garner, a writer of great imagination and a die-hard gamer. Thanks, Ed, for your support--and for finding all those typos my proofreader misses!

A novel-length fanfic by my friend and fellow NIMH fan Kristin Rausch, some truly incredible artwork by Norma Peters, and more to come.

A collection of intelligent, thought-provoking and infinitely involving Star Trek fiction, by Joseph Manno and others. Part of the Tetra-Luminaire group of Trek authors. Mr. Manno and I occasionally have our differences, but somehow we're always drawn back to each other's work and insights. Highly recommended.

Some folks who have been nice enough to give me a link:

Kazrikna Redclaw's tribute to Larry Niven's Kzinti. Feline, yes; carnivorous, definitely...but in behavior, worlds away from my Sah'aarans. In other words, if a Kzin invites you to lunch, you won't be handed a menu--you'll be on it! (And BTW, Kaz: flattery will get you nowhere, but keep talking...)

Webship Corwinda, a very nice Star Trek/Star Wars/Furry page. (Star Trek? What's that? o.O )

The LCARS Computer Network

The Hole A very...personal site. Yeah, that's the ticket--personal.

"Welcome traveller to the lands of Latveria. While here you can explore many things, from Wing Commander and Original Science Fiction stories to ramblings from me to computer games that are hot picks. I hope that while you are here you will enjoy your stay. Enjoy."

A Writer's BlockA Writer's Block
A very nice collection of original science-fiction stories, by Murray M. Lee and others. I'm especially fond of "The Gambler and the PSI." Mr. Lee's imagination and character sense can't be beat.

AnthroFiction Stories Home Page
"Welcome to the AnthroFiction Stories site. The purpose of this site is to provide both aspiring and experienced authors a forum in which to display their works."

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