Fan Art

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Ehm'ayla by JL Anderson--Click to view
Sah'aaran Tears For Paul
Sah'aaran Tears by Clara Gabriel--Click to view
For Paul by Clara Gabriel--Click to view
"Sah'aaran Tears." If a Sah'aaran really needed to cry, would she know how?
Ehm'ayla Anyone for Coffee?
Ehm'ayla by Clara Gabriel--Click to view
Ehm'murra and Sah'rafhel by Clara Gabriel--Click to view
"Ehm'ayla addressing the council. What council? Probably her family at the dinner table. She was always my favorite character from Paul's works." ~Jennifer
"Ehm'Murra and her bondmate, Sah'rafel, on Earth (Seattle to be exact). I had hoped for a happy ending for Ehm'murra, like her being able to go back to Earth and be herself." ~Jennifer


Ehm'ayla on Hellhole Sah'aaran Care A Sah'aaran Raised on Earth?
Ehm'ayla on Hellhole by Lara Croft--Click to view
Sah'aaran Care by Lara Croft--Click to view
Untitled, by Lara Croft--Click to view
"Ehm'ayla on Hellhole" from "The Chosen Few." Very Nice!
"Sah'aaran Care." Not sure what the derivation of this one is--it doesn't represent a specific character, as far as I know. But it's really sweet nonetheless.
Once again I'm not sure if it's meant to be any particular character (though it could pass for Ehm'rael Abrams.) So let's just call her a "Sah'aaran Raised on Earth."


Goddess of Sah'aar Villainy Sundae at the Deli
Goddess of Sahaar by Alqua Kalina--Click to view
Sah'rajj by Alqua Kalina--click to view
Sundae at the Deli, by Alqua Kalina--click to view
Rest well my friend. ~AK
A magnificent and chilling portrait of Sah'rajj, one of the two villains from my novel "The Darkness Beneath."
"Tom, you really need to explain to Ehm'tassaa the difference between 'Sundae' and 'Sunday'..."
Koi Children Skim of Fools
Kits Being Koi by Alqua Kalina--click to view
Skim of Fools by Alqua Kalina--click to view
A drama featuring an aquarium, several unfortunate fish, and a pair of very young, very inquisitive (and very hungry) kits. Hope those fishies are insured...
Wryly entitled "Skim of Fools," this one is based on my serialized story "The Blackfur Chronicles." Hmmm--Ehm'talak looks exhilarated, but Sah'larssh might be having second thoughts about letting Ehm'murra and Ehm'tassaa drive the hover-skim...


Commander Ehm'rael by Saia Kferr-Vehm---Click to view
Here's one of the young Commander Ehm'rael from "Lands-End"--presumably long before she reached that planet, or long after she left...


Memory Uh Oh
Memory by Murray M. Lee--click to view
Uh-oh by Murray M. Lee--click to view
"A final tribute to a peer and friend." ~Murray
"Now what do I do?" A chance encounter between a Sah'aaran and a Terran Felis Domesticus. Obviously the smaller kitty thinks she's found a friend--but the bigger one isn't quite so sure...


Ehm'ayla by Jerry Loper--click to view
Lieutenant Commander Ehm'ayla from "The Chosen Few" and "The Visiting Moon."

FAN ART RULES: there are realy only two--but they will be enforced assiduously. They are:

1. Absolutely, positively, no "spooge," nor anything else sexually explicit or overly-violent. Don't even send it. PG at most.

2. I reserve the right to approve all submissions, based on my own extremely non-objective standards of quality and accuracy. As for the latter, I imagine I'll be fairly liberal--but a two-headed Sah'aaran with purple fur and a scaly dragon's tail is unlikely to gain my favor.

Other than that--have fun! When submitting, please let me know whether you'd like me to credit the image to your RL name or a nickname, and whether you object to having your e-mail address posted.

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